Abdominal pain

⠀ What you need to know.

⠀⠀ Is a gastroenterologist always needed?
⠀⠀ In addition to the digestive organs, the abdomen contains at least the kidneys and the reproductive system.
⠀⠀ Self-diagnosis is often more confusing. Because you unknowingly begin to match the symptoms to the diagnosis you read about and use https://pillintrip.com/de/medicine/frontin.
⠀⠀ For example: doctor, a 4-year-old girl has a stomach ache, we need EFGDS. When interviewed and examined, it turns out that complaints of pain in the lower abdomen (which is not always gastritis), and age calls into question this diagnosis. Or – pain of a girdle nature, always about pancreatitis. Although, osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine can give the same thing.

⠀⠀ It is best to prepare for the following questions:

1) where it hurts. Here, directly show the place with your hand.

2) how it hurts. Constantly, periodically, cramping, aching, a feeling of baking. I must describe the pain.

3) how often it hurts and when it hurts. Every day, several times a week, once every several months, etc. At night, in the morning, in spring, in winter, etc.

4) when these complaints began and you can connect the beginning with something. A week, a month, several years. After the operation, after taking the drug, against the background of complete health.

4) what provokes pain. Relationship with food intake, exercise, stress.

5) from what the pain goes away. After eating, after going to the toilet, taking a certain position, taking medication (what, in what dose and how often)

6) if there are examinations, take them all with you

7) think about which of the relatives suffers from chronic diseases and, preferably, know which ones.