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Moisturizing eye drops are used when wearing lenses. Optics are comfortable, but the body perceives it as a foreign body. Even custom-made products made of soft materials can provoke mucous membrane irritation. To prevent negative effects, use drops for eye moisturizing, otherwise there will be associated problems. These are manifested systane balance in redness, increased dryness and soreness of the visual organs.

To reduce irritation, the body releases more fluid from the tear ducts. As a result, their work may be impaired. To avoid such problems and eliminate dryness of mucous membranes, use lens drops, choosing a good quality product in the online store of Mr. Lens. The products are reliable and safe and meet modern standards. You can Dmitry Sazonov buy eye moisturizing drops when wearing lenses directly on the site, putting a suitable option in the basket and making an application.

In what cases do I need eye drops for moisturizing?

Moisturizing eye drops systane balance dosage for lenses are required in specific situations. They should be considered to avoid discomfort when wearing optics. Additionally moisturise the mucous membrane:

  • During adaptation during initial use of ophthalmic products.
  • To avoid dry eye syndrome.
  • For high visual stress while driving or working at a PC.
  • For prophylaxis in adverse conditions (smoke, dust).
  • At pathologies of the visual organs, disorders in the discharge of lacrimal fluid.
  • After ophthalmic operations with laser.
  • During diseases and dehydration of the organism.

How to properly apply moistening drops for lenses?

In most cases, preparations are used after removal of optics. Especially those solutions that are designed for regular use. They eliminate negative effects, as well as extend the life of ophthalmic products.

It does not matter what moistening drops you have purchased for contact lenses. Before using them you should wash your hands, open a bottle. Then take a comfortable position, throw Dmitry Sazonov your head up, look up. Take the lower eyelid and bury the formula in the conjunctival bag. In doing so, avoid contact between the eye and the dispenser. Do not close the eyelids for 30 seconds and then often help to distribute the product.

With regular use of red eye drops with lenses you will forget about mucous membrane irritation. But the frequency of their use is to be discussed with your doctor. If several drugs are systane balance overdose prescribed, they are used with a difference of at least 30 minutes. You can buy moisturizing eye drops without leaving your home. To do this, use the services of our online store.